Course curriculum

    1. Dr. Kathy Murphy and Bobbie Bhambree, CDBC: Resilient L.E.G.S.

    1. Tiffany Baker, CBCC-KA CCUI LFDM-T: "Home is Where the Dogs Are: L.E.G.S. and Environmental Impacts & Expectations"

    2. Angie Cook, CDBC LFDM-S: "Working with Rescue and Shelter Dogs' L.E.G.S."

    3. Kapil Patwardhan: "Impact of Free-Living Dogs on Indian Society"

    4. Helen St. Pierre, CPDT-KSA CDBC LFDM-T LFDM-S: "Senior Dogs L.E.G.S."

    5. John Imler, CPT LFDM-T LFDM-W: "Working L.E.G.S.: seeing Every Dog as a Breed and Unraveling their Puzzle"

    1. Deb Bauer LFDM-W LFDM-T: "Damaged But Not Broken: The L.E.G.S. of Deaf & Blind Dogs"

    2. Sarah Dixon, CDBC LFDM-T: "Kick Ass Group Classes with L.E.G.S."

    3. Marlene O'Neill Laberge, MSW LFDM-H: "It's Not You, It's Me: The L.E.G.S. of Humans"

    4. Dr. Colleen Quinn, DVM LFDM-V: "L.E.G.S. in the Veterinary Profession"

    5. Carolyn Kelly, MSN RN: "L.E.G.S. Model as a Framework for Centering Welfare in Companion Dog breeding"

    6. Kathy Callahan, CPDT-KA: "The Cutest L.E.G.S. of All: Puppies"

    7. Panel Discussions

    1. Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA FFCP LFDM-T: "Cooperation Beyond Consent"

    2. Wendy Lyons Sunshine, MA LFDM-L:"How Evidence-Based Interventions for At-Risk Children Align with the L.E.G.S. Model"

    3. Sonia Fetherling, LFDM-T: Are You Feline It?

    4. Daniel Shaw, GMBPsS, CDBC: "Applying Neuroethology to Create a LEGS-Based Framework for Resource Guarding"

    5. Kelsey Weber, ABCDT CPDT-KA LFDM-T: "Family Animal Mediation: Expanding the F.D.M. Approach for Every Animal in the F.A.M."

    6. Day Three Panel Discussion

    7. Day 3 Kim Brophey Hacks Discussion & Closing

    8. CEU Instructions

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