YOUR DOG is not broken, and YOU have not failed.

Have you cycled through several dog trainers or methods?

There's a reason most families will cycle through multiple dog trainers hoping for a better outcome with the next one- “dog training”  is quite often missing the point, and lacking the comprehensive picture that can finally provide clarity and relief for all parties. Contrary to what you've been told, it's not about the “carrot OR the stick”.  It's not about compliance and conditioning. It's not about control.  It's about meeting your dog where they are, for who they are, in recognition of all that they bring to the table in their unique recipe of interacting L.E.G.S. (Learning, Environment, Genetics, & Self).

Just as is the case with any individual animal on Earth, dogs are biological animals whose behavior is the collective product of the interaction between Nature AND Nurture. It's not one or the other like you've been told. A dog's genetics do not predict their behavior, and it's not "all how you raise them". 

Rather, it is a complex orchestra of elements designed to interact in cooperative harmony for organisms filling distinct niches in various ecosystems. Captivity and controlled breeding have interrupted this natural system of checks and balances, and THAT is what results in "behavior problems" in our modern pet dogs. 

So what do you do? How can you help your dog? The very first step is to get the TRUTH so that you can understand what might actually be happening for your dog or prevent issues from arising. Then, we have many resources to help you take your understanding and interventions to the next level to make the customized difference your dog needs to succeed as your companion!

Between the myths, there lies the truth

Here's what's included in this documentary-style course:

An entertaining explanation of The Dog's Truth and how this can change your relationship with your dog forever.

  • Why your dog's behavior problems are really happening
  • An introduction to the L.E.G.S. model of integrated dog behavior & welfare
  • The L.E.G.S. of a Modern Dog - Why their Learning, Environment, Genetics & Self ALL need to be examined and understood
  • Specific insights, explanations, & advice for the ten different historic working genetic groups of dog breeds 
  • Helpful considerations for what type of dog may be best suited to succeed in your environment & family
  • An introduction to the revolutionary service model of Family Dog Mediation

Who is this for?

  • Dog families who want to learn more about the truth behind their dog's behavior & help them with practical & meaningful solutions

  • Daycares/kennels, groomers, pet sitters/walkers who want to understand their canine clients & provide valuable insights and value for their customers

  • Shelters & rescues who would like to provide a game-changing resource for increased adoption success to families - ask about our Shelter Program!

  • Veterinarians, technicians, & staff who want to truly understand the epidemic of "behavior problems" & hospitals who are committed to set their client families up for success with their dogs by improving behavioral welfare - ask about our Hospital Program!

You’re ready to go BEYOND dog training & find the WHOLE truth

  • Unlock the Why

    You know. Many dogs are in real trouble these days. Like any other animal on earth, dogs struggle & suffer when the “key” of who they naturally are doesn’t fit the “lock” of their world. Most dogs are living a “pet” life, but weren’t designed for that habitat. Knowing why will change your relationship with your dog.

  • Understanding Changes Everything

    “Behavior problems”, common as they are, are unnatural. “Behavior problems” tell us that something is terribly wrong beneath the surface. Understanding, not more training, is the missing key to helping them. If we don't understand something, then we will have the wrong expectations about it.

  • This is the Beginning

    This course is just the beginning of a journey for you as you join a new community of dog families. Spend an hour with one of the leading voices in the dog behavior industry that will change your life, and your dog's life, forever. Then spread the word to make the change in your own community of dog lovers.

The most important thing you can do for your dog is to understand their individual L.E.G.S.

Everything else you need to do to help your dog, your family, & yourself, starts here:

Kim Brophey

Applied ethologist, FDM, CDBC, CPDT-KA, & owner of The Dog Door Behavior Center Asheville, NC

Kim Brophey has garnered international attention in the industry for bringing applied ethology to the table, & wants you to pull up a seat & discover what you’ve been missing. You want, you need, a better life with your dog. This course has the L.E.G.S. ® to get you there. Let’s evolve together.
Kim Brophey with dogs

To create the important paradigm shift we desperately need to have as a dog loving culture and profession, we need YOU to join us in making the difference.

A win for you, a win for your dog, and a win for millions of dogs for the road ahead.

Find a Licensed Family Dog Mediator

to help you unravel the mystery of your own dog’s L.E.G.S.!

Get practical, customized solutions from qualified, nationally credentialed dog trainers & behavior consultants specially educated in the extensive science of L.E.G.S. to address the “behavior problems” dogs are experiencing and make life easier for everybody with practical solutions, dog hacks, & meaningful enrichment that makes life better for everybody!