Curriculum Highlights

Dogs & People in the Modern World, Dog Training as a Broken Model, The Need for Evolution in the Dog Behavior Industry, The "Pet" Industry, Ethology (L.E.G.S.) & Applied Ethology, Fundamentals of Evolution (to appreciate disconnect we have with dogs as it relates to nature), Captivity & Welfare - Broken L.E.G.S., Quickstart L.E.G.S. Assessments, SELF Antecedents, GENETICS Antecedents (deep dive into all ten genetic working groups history and "behavior problems", ENVIRONMENT Antecedents (ultimate to proximate, including social environment), LEARNING Antecedents & Element Within and Beyond ABA, using ethology in dog behavior and welfare work, working with dogs and people, Kim's top dog hacks (practical solutions and interventions using applied ethology)

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